How Long It Takes to Make Primitive Wood Decor etc? February 05 2014

We frequently receive queries from visitors about how long it takes to process a woodcraft order. And recently, it took us five days to fulfill an order for a wood wall clock. This blog post answers relevant questions.


Where possible we always try to keep at least 10 pieces of every listed product in stock such that orders can be shipped out within 2 business days. However, in the case of rustic wall clocks crafted from wood logs (sections of raw tree trunks), sometimes it takes longer to find the suitable materials as wood wall clocks have special requirements: in addition to the usual aesthetic aspects (e.g. grain), the freeform wood needs be in a more or less roundish shape to be suitable as clockface; the rings must not deviate too much from the center, which can be quite common with certain batches of supplies. and it's impossible to tell if a trunk has any major cracks developed inside. 


Because of these differences from pre-processed wood materials, we can only guarantee that rustic wall clocks can be shipped out in 2-6 business days. Please email us at if your order is urgent or extra information is needed.


Thank you!