Change of Site Theme | Driftwood Home Decor | Healing Stones Jewelry 1PROY August 04 2014

Based on feedback from our customers, we recently switched the theme of our online store from the horizontal Lookbook to the current Simple design with purely white background and grid views. Below are a few screenshot for comparison:


Old Lookbook theme homepage: Primitive Driftwood Decor & Healing Stone Jewelry


Old Lookbook theme: Personalized Signature Necklace, Bangle, Ring...collection page


Current Simple theme homepage: Primitive Driftwood Decor & Healing Stone Jewelry | 1PROY


The new Simple theme comes with a number of useful features designed to benefit our site users with a more user-friendly interface. We developed the new site with a team of experienced Shopify design gurus. 

  • Grid view with large-size product thumbnails for easier site browsing
  • Auto suggest / fill with Search function
  • Faster page load resulting from optimized image size
  • An even "cleaner" appearance
  • A full view of product description without scrolling down
  • More subtle optimizations


Enjoy :) and we look forward to your thoughts on our new site design. 


1PROY Team