Spiritual and Curing Properties of Healing Crystals and Stones | The Feng Shui Perspective September 27 2014

The Chinese has been using crystals and gemstones for centuries and has well established beliefs in applying their healing energies and spiritual power to jewelry making etc.


From a unique feng shui professional’s perspective, this article outlines, in a nutshell, the spiritual properties of some healing crystals and semiprecious stones that are also very popular for jewelry making.


White Crystal: enhances memory, increases abilities as learners, boosts health


Agate: dispels and wards off evil spirits


Moonstone or labradorite: known as the “stone for lovers”, helps one lose weight and with sleep, sleep, increases attraction to the opposite sex


Citrine: Increase wealth and good fortune for wearer herself and the family, cures stomach illnesses


Obsidian: combats evil spirits, “stabilizes” one’s house as the feng shui treasure, eliminates sources of illness or misfortune, hailed as the "Black (Buddhist) Guardian Warrior”


Rose Quartz: raises loving energies, improves relationships for family, colleagues, lovers etc; makes one more confident and competent in networking / connection building


Citrine: cures joint pains, brings safety and happiness


Chorite crystal: brings good luck to one’s career, turns luck around in wearer’s favor, boosts income (from main one’s main occupation as opposed to wining money in lottery etc)


Rutilated quartz (red): increases one’s beliefs and self-confidence (esteem), boosts health with youthful healing energies


Rutilated quartz (gold): the Stone of Wealth, brings good luck, increases one’s power and influence


Rutilated quartz (black): boosts health, heals one from incurable diseases, turns one’s luck around in her favor


Lapis lazuli: heals sore throat, trachea and other diseases


Tiger’s Eye: reduces stress, brings peace and calm, emotional stability


Rhodochrosite: benefits the heart (before anything else)


Aquamarine: the best choice for water lovers, and a must have for anyone for whom water (as one of the 5 elements of life (metal, wood, water, fire, earth)) is missing by birth according to traditional Chinese Taoist philosophy


Aventurine Jade: dissolves grudge, keeps household well-off


Rose Chalcedony: the love booster, cures skin issues and balances emotions


Purple chalcedony: refreshes one’s mind and mood, increases feminine charm


Blue Chalcedony: Enhances articulation skills, keeps throat healthy


Herkimer Diamond: helps realize one’s dreams, commonly known as "lucky stone", heals skin problems


Topaz: soothes, recharges, remotivates and aligns the meridians of the body – directing energy to where it is needed most. It also aids digestion, heals eating disorders and stimulates the metabolism.


Sunstone: brings one to the center of attention, strengthens cohesion and vitality


White crystal druse: dispels and wards off evil spirits, protects one from radiation, boosts income (from main one’s main occupation as opposed to wining money in lottery etc)


Amethyst geode: The “feng shui stone” that wards off evils, brings good luck in accumulating family wealth and keeps wealth from being lost


Green Aventurine: soothes emotions, develops intelligence, raises loving energies


Red quartz rutilated: possesses transferrable feminine qualities, soothes emotions, improves skin conditions


Peridot: brings peace and calmness, makes sleep easier, dispels evil spirits, helps to heal liver illnesses


Garnet: increases personal attractiveness, brings love, raises self-confidence, fights off depression, strengthens vitality, energy and stamina; improve skin conditions (also known as the Stone of Beauty), dispels evil spirits


Tourmaline: also known as the “wishing Stone”, stimulates blood circulation


Red tourmaline: creates natural affinity with surrounding people, fosters and enhances friendship


Black tourmaline: stimulates physical activity and strength of the human body


Flourite: also called the Rainbow Crystal, dispels evil spirits, keeps oneself clean


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