Conversational Hand-free Gear Clocks at affordable prices October 22 2014

Industrial hand free gear clock


It is non-conventional, smart, conversational and functional. 

Our hand-free gear clocks are designed as a wall accent piece for any modern homes, especially if you have a relatively large space on the wall needs to be filled. They're powered with 2 D batteries with completely silent movement. 

Some shoppers suggested replacing the plastic parts with metal, and we agree that a metal construction would make them look even greater on the wall. However, a genuinely metal gear clock of the same prodigious size won't be suitable to hung on any walls. So we stuck to the ABS + metallic coating lightweight design to avoid any safety hazards. 

So far we have three styles in stock and we're hoping to develop more together with our local suppliers. 

We look forward to hearing from you about our gear clock collections!