Most Creative USB Flash Drives for the Creative Minds November 21 2014

Despite the rapidly evolving data storage technology, USB flash drives, with excellent portability and inventive uses emerging every day, will certainly remain an essential part of our routine digital accessories for a long time to come. Most of us use a flash drive device – of one kind or another – many times every single day, but very few seem can be bothered to find designs that actually suit their personality and aesthetic preferences.

We tend to take it for granted that thumb drives should be in rectangular square shape and encased with plastic or metal. Of course, it’s nothing wrong to stick to the prototype design of USB flash drive when Amir Ban and Dov Moran first invented it back in 1999, but taking some time to find one of your favorite style (and functionality, of course) is worth it and will spice up your digital life which could otherwise get more and more mechanical and less and less fun.

Below are some really cool and unique USB drives we discovered for you. They come in totally different styles (some may argue that there’s a certain degree of similarity in some cases though), made of different materials and so on. While you may not find the ideal one, the idea is that our finds will inspire you to spruce up your mobile accessories a bit and make routine data processing less a torture.  

Wood Branch USB Flash Drive

Wooden USB flash drive 4gb 8gb 16gb 32gb

A truly one of a kind USB drive encased in a real wood branch! The stick is collected from the woods, carefully selected with functional as well as aesthetic considerations, and then professionally processed and handcrafted into a unique piece of USB mobile accessory. Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory storage. This creative USB stick really stands out on any office desk.

Upcycled Cardboard Thumbdrive

wine cork usb flash drive recycled 8gb 4gb 16gb

These cool USB flash drives are made from recycled kraft paper, available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB memory sizes. The raw material is thoroughly processed such that the drives are highly durable and damp proof. Give them as a special gift to your eco-conscious friends, colleagues…They’ll be impressed for sure! 

Gold with Diamond USB Flash Drive

Gold and diamond USB flash drive

It doesn’t appear that unique? Well…they’re handmade with solid 14k gold and real diamonds!! These limited edition USB flash drives are offered by Israeli U3 Jewellery shop and are hyped as the most expensive flash drives the world has ever seen. Furthermore, the 4GB drives are pre-installed with the U3 platform and some apps. The LED indicator can be seen through the diamonds above it and glows magnificently while working. Needless to say, USB gadgets of this kind do’t come cheap, and the price tag is as hefty as $2,000.

USB Balls

USB Balls flash drive

These plastic balls are designed to store files for you of up to 32 GB.

Arrowhead USB Flash Drive

Arrowhead USB Flash Drive

Cool USB drive designed as Florida State Seminoles, shaped like an arrow. Memory capacities range from 64MB to 64GB.

Sunbelt Rentals USB Memory Stick

Sunbelt Rentals USB Memory Stick

The Sunbelt rental mobile generator USB flash drive is made from rubber and is equipped with superb storage capacity.

The USB Claw

The USB Claw thumb drive

This unusual smart USB drive showcases an ultra-modern design. It is built with steel to make it last as long as you need it. You don’t see this around in an office or anywhere else.

USB Grenade Flash Drive

USB Grenade Flash Drive

Living in an increasingly digitalized world can be repetitive and boring sometimes, especially when someone keeps bugging you about a file you’ve already sent him weeks ago. You can’t say no but pass the file on to him one more time using this non-explosive grenade thumb drive as a warning to make him check twice before he bugs you again! 


Lego Brick USB Drive

Lego Brick USB Drive USB

These colorful Lego brick USB flash drives will remind you of your sweet, sweet childhood memory, making the otherwise mechanical task of data storing much more fun!

Indian Jewelry USB Flash Drive

Indian Jewelry USB Flash Drive

This unique thumb drive features a charming Indian style heart jewelry design, inset with glimmering rhinestone all over the USB pendant. Instead of the usual USB chip plug, it comes with a UDP (USB Disk in Package) memory stick with excellent in waterproof, dust-free, drop resistance and ESD-proof performance. It looks even greater when it is worn on the neck than in the photo, showcasing a classic handcrafting design with a practical dimension added to it. 

Sushi USB Flash Drives

Sushi USB Flash Drives

Do you know where exactly the best sushi shop in town is? Do you fancy a sushi even when it’s cold outside? If so, you should be a big fan of it and these novelty USB flash drives should be worth exploring

Check out our handmade USB flash drive section for more inspirations. It won't let you down!