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39 Unique and Outstanding Clock Designs November 30 2014

Watches, clocks and similar time dictating devices are an integral part of our lives. In fact we rely heavily on these devices to keep a record of our everyday tasks and appointments.

Despite this, we have followed the conventional mechanical and digital designs without trying to venture into other zones. Even in the present time, majority of the people use round or square clocks with the three hands. These clocks have the corresponding numerals on the face and the hands move to depict the hour, minute and second.  

Times are changing now, and here we are revealing some unconventional and unique clock designs. Although it is not easy to read time in some of these devices, yet, the basic idea is that we have to move on now, and explore other designs apart from the conventional way of reading time.

Time Tuner: This device has been inspired from the radio turner and it will change the way we see time.

Around the Clock: As the name suggests this is a rotating clock which follows the concept of the earth rotation. It is believed that it is far more accurate and superior as compared to the conventional clocks.

Canna by ChronArte: This unique and unconventional design is a variation of the concept of the conventional sand hourglass. In the Canna by CharonArte, there are twelve tubes which correspond to the hours of the day. The water level inside these tubes varies to indicate the minutes.

Recycled Sanyo Clock: This clock has a retro look as it is designed out of a recycled Sanyo turntable. It is sure to catch the fancy of the individuals looking at it.

Continue Time: Seeing the time in this one is not quite easy until you get the hang of it. In this clock the minute hand is connected to the end of the hour hand and the seconds hand in turn is connected to the end of the minute hand. Thus, this keeps moving constantly to depict the time. Hence you have a unique clock whose shape keeps changing continuously to depict the time.

Aspiral Kinetic Clock: In this clock also the face keeps turning. A red ball inside rotates in a slow manner, revealing the exact time.

Decode Clock: The writings on this clock do not make any sense at all. However after the hour hand passes over it, the hour gets decoded.

Domiuno Clock: This clock reveals the time using dominos.

Digimech Clock: Although it has display with digits, it isn’t an LED or LCD display. All the digits of the Digimech Clock are created with the help of a vertical slider which subtly slides through a black decrypting box to tell us the exact time.

Good Afternoon Clock: This clock makes use of beams of light to depict the hands of the clock. This clock is quite simple and does not have any unnecessary inclusions. It is an ideal way to represent time as something which simply flees away and cannot be caught or captured. The simplicity of this clock will leave you stunned.

Frivolo Black Wall Clock: This design breaks the conventional belief that all clocks should be rectangular or round in shape. The design of the Frivolo Black Wall Clock is indeed unique and a creative work of art.

Sundial Clock: The sundial clock combines the conventional method of calculating the time with the help of sundials and the concept of the present analog clocks. The numbers on the face of the clock are created through the shadows of the 3D digits.

Handmade LED Clock: This clock has a unique design. The creativity is evident as the clock resembles the old school juke box kind of clock.

HoosO’Clock: The clock which keeps staring at you in the face.

Vacuum Tube Clock: This clock employs the VFD or Vacuum Florescent Display technology to depict the time. In these clocks the time is revealed over a bright neon colored light.

Melting Clock for Shelf: There is no need to conform to the conventional flat and upright style of clocks. The melting clock breaks free from this age old belief and ventures into the concept of a creative and melting shape, which can be seen in the creation of Salvador Dali. It is termed ‘The Persistence of Memory’.

Mhin Clock: We often load numerous bars on our monitors and mobile display screens and we have presently moved a step further to include them on clocks as well.

Eyeclock: Imagine a pair of eyes moving around staring at you. Well these eyes are not staring at you, in fact the moving eyeballs are just depicting the time to you.

Vague Clock: If you do not like to feel pressurized every time you look at the clock, then the Vague Clock is sure to be a blessing for you. The vague clock does not show you the time unless you press on it.

Normal Timepieces: These clocks have a creative design. Instead of the hour’s hand the clock has a rectangular hole which will reveal the time printed on the face of the clock.

Orolodiana: On the face of it, the Orolodiana resembles a volume knob. The outer ring depicts the hour and the inner circle contains a thin black stripe to reveal the minutes.

Atom Clock: This clock will surely remind you of an atom. The design is truly unconventional and is a fresh addition after the conventional square and round clocks.

Empty Clock: This clock is made out of bamboo & metal and is quite eco friendly. As its name reveals, the empty clock does not have any face. You need to look at the hands of the clock to know the time.

RollOClock: Loading bars are often seen in computers and other electronic devices. Hence the RollOClock too is inspired by this and it depicts the time using two colors. The bar loads (gets filled) as the day moves on. This clock will reveal how much time is remaining before the day ends.

Segmentus Clock: This clock resembles the electromechanical scoreboard.

Suede ‘Metal Mickey’ – Retro Redesigned: This unique retro wall clock is designed from Suede and it is sure to make you nostalgic, reminding you of the Britpop days.

Gear Clock: You are sure to be appalled by the manner in which each of these individual gears fit together in a complicated and confusing manner, yet depicting the accurate time.

Spire: This design is inspired by the pattern of a Japanese folding fan. The hand and minute hands spiral, and as the hands fold and unfold, we can read the time.

The Bent Hands: The conventional hands have been done away with and a single spiraling hand is used to depict the time. The best thing about this is that you can see the time for more than one time zone at the same time.

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