Custom Steel Kingston USB 16GB | Personalized Laser Flash Drives

$ 19.99 $ 24.99

Buy your very unique custom laser-print Kingston USB drives today!

Kingston Data Traveler stainless steel 16GB USB drive, personalized with laser print of whatever words / phrases of your choice.

  • Laser print on EACH side is limited to 10 English letters OR 5 Chinese characters - simply send us the words or phrase of your choice by email, or include them with your order Special Instructions
  • Kingston Data Traveler is one of the most popular flash drive products and the winner of a number of major international awards in recognition of its design excellence
  • Custom USB drive is available in silver or golden plated (on stainless steel) 


USB v2.0
Transmission: 7MB / second (write); 16MB (read)


Size: 3.9cm * 1.24cm * 0.45cm


1.54" * 0.49" * 0.18" 

Weight: 15 gram

Item code: b/p71100

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