Handcrafted Wood USB 8GB 16GB 32GB Flash Drives | Thumb Drives

$ 16.99

Showcase of our Cool Flash Drives Wood Craft Collection

This is one of our coolest geek gizmos and gadgets creations, featuring a USB drive encased in a natural tree branch. Features of this rustic USB design include:

  • It comes with a professional quality USB flash drive of 4GB 8GB 16GB or 32GB
  • The branch is carefully selected, hand trimmed and specially processed (drying, coating etc.) for extra durability
  • As with all our hand creations, we constantly strive to combine "natural beauty" with optimal aesthetic sophistication!
  • Tree branches are mostly common Chinese species sourced from remote mountains, not those rare ones
  • Size varies slightly from piece to piece

Size: ~7cm * 2.4cm (2.54cm = 1 inch) excluding USB plug
Weight: ~40 gram
USB v2.0
Transmission: 7MB / second (write); 16MB (read)

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