Real Stone Table Clock | Primitive Rock Desk Clock Home Decor Arts

$ 56.99

The Unique Primitive Home Decor for You!

One minimalist primitive table clock handcrafted using real rock. This stone desk clock is Ideal for buyers looking for the primitive aesthetic experience!


Size: 11cm - 20cm

Weight: ~1.7kg - 3kg

** 2.54cm = 1 inch

Item code: b/p173 41


*** Clock hands installation:

1) Press hour, minute and then second hands to fix them onto the plastic tip at the center;

2) Make all three hands overlapping each other, ALL POINTING TO 12 o'clock; 3) Fix battery at the back (at 12 o'clock sharp - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED); OR

4) Adjust time (hour first, then minute, and then second).

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