Signature Ring - Silver or 18k Gold | Unique Personalized Name Rings

$ 35.90

You design your name / signature ring, we make it for you!

Personalized signature name ring made from solid .925 sterling silver or 18k gold (plated on sterling silver). It can be any word in any chosen fonts, your handwritten signature, or even symbols!

Depending on the actual style of your handwriting or font selected, the ring is created either by hand carving or casting using a unique wax mould that we develop for each individual custom order. With either technique, it is thoroughly processed to ensure the highest quality. 

Order instructions:

1. Please include in your order instructions the widest INNER DIAMETER (in centimeter) of you ring as shown in photo #7

2. Send us the image of your handwriting, signature etc.

3. It can be everything from words in special fonts, unique signature to even signs such as "+ $ #", but to optimize both aesthetic aspects and durability, we suggest limiting the number of letters to 8, and AVOID LONG THIN STROKES in your handwriting (red circled in photo #5) - it would compromise durability of the sterling silver ring.

Please feel free to email us ( if you have any questions. We respond within 1 business day. 

Please allow 6-9 days for order processing. 

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