Large Rose Agate Pendant Necklace | Handcrafted Healing Stones Jewelry

$ 9.50

Extra Large Rose Agate Pendant + Hand Woven Knotting Cord

This healing stone necklace features a large faceted natural pink agate pendant dangling from a traditional Eastern style waxed knotting cord, in a one size fits all design. The round agate pendant is in a superb finish, hand processed from carefully selected agate pieces with the most desirable pink stripes. 


Pendant size: 48mm (1 inch = 25.4mm)

Cord dimensions: 45-61cm (length) * 0.3 (width) -- 0.2mm for front extnesions (25.4mm = 1 inch)

Item code: b/p70976

Visit here for more details of the hand woven cord:

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