Hands-free Gear Calendar Wall Clock | Extra Large

$ 83.29 $ 109.00

Instead of the conventional hour, minute and second hands, this creative, industrial-style silver / black extra large gear wall clock has a minimal arrow that does not move but always points at the 90° angle. The small gears rotate a large outer sprocket that tells the time:

  • The largest and heaviest design of our 3 gear clock versions and weighs a solid 1.9kg - recommended especially for shoppers looking for hands-free gear clock with an optimally metallic feel 
  • Ingenious hands-free design that defeats the traditional perception of timepiece 
  • Two calendar gears showing day and month separately
  • Prodigious clock size and bold number markings easy to read even at a distance
  • Lightweight (ABS with a metallic finish) + real metal frames for ease of assembly and wall mounting
  • Silver or black color options 

Size: 65cm * 54.5cm * 13cm

Weight: ~1.9kg

** 2.54cm = 1 inch

Item code: b/p186 49

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