Extra Large Industrial "Hands-free" Gear Wall Clock | Wall Decor Ideas

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There's no hands on this truly unique industrial style gear clock. Instead, it has a minimalist arrow pointing up at the 90° angle, where the conventional 12 o'clock is replaced with small moving gears that rotate a large outer sprocket that tells the time:

  • Hands-free design, an innovation that challenges the traditional perception of timepieces and time itself 
  • Bold numbers easy to read even from a distance
  • Sub-markings at each 15 minute interval
  • Prodigious size for ease of use and aesthetic effect
  • Lightweight (ABS with a metallic finish) design and real metal frames for ease of assembly and wall mounting
  • Comes in silver and black 

Size: 65cm * 54cm * 13cm

Weight: ~1.4kg

** 2.54cm = 1 inch

Item code: b/p180 49


*** Manual enclosed for assembly

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