Unique Minimalist Wood Wall Clock | Modern Home Decor Gift Ideas

$ 58.99

This is a truly one-of-a-kind wood wall clock handcrafted using solid-quality beech. 


  • Featuring wood-effect resin clock hands inspired by natural spring twigs
  • A silent movement motor produced by China's top clock maker, Telesonic, powered by a #5 battery
  • 12 and 3 o'clock are marked for easy use without impairing the minimalist design.

Item code: b/p167 36
Size: 40cm * 8cm * 3cm
Weight: ~ 600 grams

*** Clock hands installation (photo #5) 
1) Press hour (shorter) and then minute (longer with leaves) to fix them onto the movement hook at the center.
2) Tighten the screw cap - make sure that the hands are sufficiently separated such that movement won't be affected when overlapping
2) Adjust time
3) Fix battery at the back


*** Please note that clock size may appear larger on photos. Actual dimensions are specified above.

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