Gold Signature Necklace | Personalized Name Nameplate Pendant Necklaces

$ 40.00

Personalized Signature Identity Jewelry Collection

With this truly personalized, totally unique signature pendant on .925 sterling silver (with 18k gold plating), YOU dictate the design, font, etc. and we make it for YOU! It's now on our biggest PROMO SALE ever! 

Simply send us an email ( enclosing an image of your handwritten signature, and your unique personalized sterling silver pendant will be ready for delivery in 6 days. 

3 sizes available (1 inch = 2.54cm):

Medium: 4.5 cm
Large: 5cm
Extra large: 6cm

For yourself or your loved ones, enjoy the unique necklace gift. Premium quality and uniqueness guaranteed, or you'll get 100% money back including shipping charge!

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