About Us

 is an art studio based in Beijing China, specialising in handcrafted diftwood and healing stone home decor and jewelry. We are dedicated to making original-design, premium quality crafts and optimally leveraging various unique resources on the Chinese market, which enables us to deliver exceptional quality to our customers at very competitive prices. 




We started as a small handicraft boutique in 2007 and became clicks-and-mortar in late 2013. Because of our customers who share a passion for quality handmade wood crafts, we have been seeing steady business growth over the years and, more importantly, more happy customers!


In recognition of our exceptional product quality and original design, we have been invited by the British edition of Magazine (one of the world's most celebrated men's fashion publication under Condé Nast) to be featured in the GQ Gadget Review  in the June issue. Review materials have been finalized and it is due to hit the shelves on 2 June, 2014. 


Our commitments:

  • We take great pride in designing and making truly original natural wood and stone artwork, and you can trust our passion for exceptional quality crafts!
  • 45-day 100% money back guaranteed (see our shop policies for details)
  • We use genuine, quality materials only 
  • China's material supply does allow us room for more competitive yet sustainable pricing
  • Secure delivery tracking info for all shipping options to give you total peace of mind
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