12 Inch Minimalist Decorative Wall Clock

$ 28.99

Time is meant to be simple, pure and peaceful, and that's exact what this awesome wall clock design is all about - making it easier for you to find inner peace. 

It has a totally sleek frame, a polypropylene face, a back made of extra durable ABS plastic and metallic-finish hands, showcasing a design of simplicity as well as functionality. This minimalist decorative wall clock comes in black, white and red and would make a stunning addition to your home accessories. As the main highlight, the extended second hand makes the clock truly unique and makes a great conversation starter with your visitors. 

  • Ultra-minimalist sleek design with an extended second hand making it a genuinely one of a kind decorative accessory for your home; 
  • Stunning simplicity that helps you find that inner peace all around the clock
  • High-quality silent quartz movement; 

Dimensions: 300mm (12") * 45mm

Weight: 740 gram

Item code: b/p 198 67

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