3pcs Large Druzy Agate Geode Slices Pendants Lot | Healing Crystal and Stones

$ 3.99

One piece or wholesale lot of 3pcs loose druzy / drusy agate geode slices, freeform top drilled. It's shiny, immaculately polished on both sides, yet the druzy edge and natural ring and natural inclusion still remind you of thousands of years of its formation. Ideal for crafters looking for "primitive" yet stylishly processed materials.

Size: ~43mm * 28mm

Geode slices are freeform and come in different hues. Please email us (info@1proy.com) if you have strong preferences for a certain color or shape and we will do our best to accommodate.

Quality healing crystal, healing stones supplies at unbeatable price. 3pcs lot at WHOLESALE price, to allow you optimal flexibility!

Item code: b/p71002


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