Amethyst Point Chunky Double Terminated | Healing Quartz Meditation

$ 11.55

Chunky natural amethyst double terminated point - the stone of spirituality and contentment.

  • As well as being a very popular choice for jewelry DIY, amethyst is used to boost the spiritual state during deep meditation as it helps raise a lower vibration energy to a higher one;
  • Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone known among crystal enthusiasts as the birthstone for the Zodiac Sign of Pisces and is believed to be capable of bringing good fortune in the month of February;
  • The double terminated amethyst points are excellently polished and faceted;
  • Best quality healing crystal supplies at WHOLESALE prices!


Size: ~50mm * 40mm (25.4mm = 1")

Item code: b/p70920

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