Rustic camphor wood log wall clock | Minimalist Primitive home decor gifts

$ 57.99 $ 68.00

Unique wood log wall clock handcrafted from a solid camphor log. Bark is retained to go with the primitive design, sealed in flat lacquer. Ideal for buyers looking for the primitive decor experience!


Size: ~39cm * 28cm

Weight: ~1.27kg

** 2.54cm = 1 inch

Item code: b/p171 40


*** Clock hands installation:

1) Press hour, minute and then second hands to fix them onto the plastic tip at the center;

2) Make all three hands overlapping each other, ALL POINTING TO 12 o'clock;
3) Fix battery at the back (at 12 o'clock sharp - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED); OR

4) Adjust time (hour first, then minute, and then second).


Compared with the other freeform elm wood wall clock (link below), these camphorwood clocks are in more regular oval shaps:

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