Medium LED Wood Alarm Clock - Minimalist | Sound Activation

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Minimal Design, Sound Activated LED Alarm Clock

At a click of your finger or clap of hand, this minimalist wood alarm clock lights up and display time, date and temperature. 


  • Sound activation (≥ 60db)
  • Activated, the clock automatically displays time, date and then temperature in rotation
  • LED display can be set ALWAYS ON (sound activation disabled)
  • When activated, sound activation can be set OFF or ON
  • Time is displayed either in 24 hour or 12 hour format
  • Powered by D battery (not included)

Available in 4 styles with different LED displays:


  • Blackwood: white / blue / red light
  • Bamboo: white / blue / red light
  • Walnut: red light
  • White wood: white / blue / red / green light

*** A smaller version can be found here:


Size: 15cm (L) * 4cm (W) * 7cm (H)

** 2.54cm = 1 inch

Item code: b/p182 51

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