Loose Crystal Beads Wholesale Lot | Healing Crystal Quartz Supplies

$ 6.48

Wholesale Healing Crystal Beads Supplies from China

Lot of approximately 30 pieces (or ~15 grams) of loose natural clear crystal quartz beads, each measuring 9.3mm - 15mm long. These crystal beads have excellent smooth finish, NOT drilled: You'll need to do the drilling or wire wrap for jewelry making yourself.

*** Because it's natural crystal, it also means that tiny cracks or scratches can't be completely avoided. We screen out this as much as we can on delivery (we guarantee that visible cracks/scratches only found in 1 out of 9-15 pieces at the most). Photos of the actual pieces to be shipped are available upon request. Just contact us if needed.


Quality healing crystals supplies - each piece is completely unique!

LESS THAN 2/3 usual price!


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Quality healing crystal, healing quartz supplies. Each piece is unique!Quality healing crystal, healing quartz supplies. Each piece is unique!

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