Oak Wall Clock - Large Minimalist | Wood Decor Housewares Accessories

$ 46.99

Handmade Home Decor Wall Clocks from China

Extra large decorative tropical oak wall art clock. It is hand processed using carefully selected oak wood from Thailand, equipped with a top quality silent movement.


  • Ultra minimalist design without marking
  • Silent movement that literally can't be heard no matter how close you are
  • Wood clock hands to complement the primitive design


Size: 38cm in diameter (2.54cm = 1 inch)

Item code: b/p184 53


*** Clock hands installation:
1) Press the hour and then minute to fix them onto the plastic tip at the center;

2) Make both hands overlapping each other, ALL POINTING TO 12 o'clock;
3) Fix battery at the back;

4) Adjust time (hour first, then minute, and then second).


Another version of this oak wall clock with markings available here:



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