Wood Decorative Wall Clock 12" Chinese Painting | Primitive Decor

$ 53.99

Handmade Decorative Wall Art Clock | Chinese Brush Paintings Series - Plum Blossom 

  • Decorative wall clock handcrafted from camphor wood;
  • Traditional style Chinese brush color painting created by hand too - each piece is totally unique;
  • Top quality silent movement, making it suitable for office as well as bedroom use;
  • From clock face to hands, everything is created with real wood.


Size: 27.5cm (12") in diameter (2.3cm thick)

Weight: ~1kg

Item code: b/p185 54


*** Clock hands installation (photo #7):

Step 1

Press the hour (shorter) hand onto the white plastic bottom of the movement hook at the center

* Make sure the hand is pointing to 12 o’clock

** While pressing the hand, place your both thumbs on the sides of the hole on the hand, to avoid breaking it. Make sure that it is pressed all the way down


Step 2

Press the minute (longer with leaves) hand onto the movement hook, pointing to 12 o’clock

** Place your thumbs on the sides of the hole to avoid damaging it. Make sure that the twig is pressed all the way down above the hour hand


Step 3

Tighten the screw cap - make sure that the hands are sufficiently separated such that movement won't be affected when overlapping

Step 4

Adjust time and fix battery at the back


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