Minimalist Wall Clock Zero 12" | Decorative Home Accessories

$ 17.99

This truly stunning decorative wall clock design is inspired by the purity of time. The simple and bold hour and minute hands are both distinctly "standard-looking" and symbolic of the true nature of time. Reducing any unnecessary accessories to "Zero", the minimalist wall clock has a certain tasteful air about it, giving you that feeling of inner peace that we all need in the fast paced modern world. 

The 300mm (or 12 inch) clock face is produced with two layers of thoroughly processed 5mm medium density fiberboard for the minimalistically aesthetic effect as well as extra durability. 3mm metallic clock hands create a special 3D effect It is installed with a high-quality silent quartz movement making the clock a wall accent suitable for both the office and your bedroom. The clock comes in white, dark grey, vivid blue or green. 

  • Time is meant to be pure - this stunning minimalist decorative clock is what you need to find that feeling of inner peace that we all need in an increasingly fast-paced world; 
  • Double 5mm MDF clock face that perfectly matches the minimalist decorations of your home; 
  • 3mm metallic (aluminum) clock hands with an eye-catching 3D effect;
  • High-quality silent quartz movement making the clock an ideal piece of wall decor in the office or for your bedroom. 

Dimensions: 300mm (12") diameter

Weight: 760 gram

Item code: b/p199 68



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