Minimalist Wall Decor Accessories | 12" Pendulum Wall Clock

$ 38.99

It's as pure as time itself. Different from the earlier "3D" clock designs, this Pendulum decorative wall clock turns "flat" as the designer tries to reveal and convey the true nature of time. In the modern world, most of us can afford to live a simple, pure life, that is, enjoy the time of our lives instead of just spending it trying to satisfy various insatiable desires. Life is meant to be happy and enjoyable.

This pure Pendulum timepiece is created exactly to serve as a sweet little reminder that we should never be too busy to enjoy life. Its straightforward "standard-looking" design means that you never need to take a second glance ever. The extra density wooden face is neatly processed and goes perfectly well with your modern minimalist home or office space. And the eye-catching clock pendulum is intended to intrigue you to think about what's really important in life, and aligning what you do with what makes life a happy experience.

  • To get the inner peace in a fast world, we need little reminders like this Pendulum clock to purify our mind what makes life meaningful; 
  • Extra density fiberboard clock face neatly presented that matches the modern lifestyle; 
  • Silent quartz movement designed for office as well as bedroom use; 
  • Pendulum wall clock comes in white or dark grey. 

Dimensions: 300mm (or 12 inches); 

Weight: 1.4 kg

Item code: b/p200 69

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