Smiley wood smart phone stand for iPhone 5 5S 4S 4 Samsung etc.

$ 7.99

Black walnut cellphone stand for iPhone 5 5S 4S 4, Samsung and most other cell phones.

Two options:
1. Smiley wood phone stand with one slot at a 60 degree angle
2. Wood stand with two slots at 45 and 60 degree angles

Item code: b/p147 15

For cell phones other than iPhone, here's a list of different cell phones by thickness

iPhone4/4S 9.3mm
iPhone5/5S 7.6mm
iPhnoe 5C 8.97mm

Samsung GALAXY Note III 8.3mm

Samsung GALAXY Note II 9.4mm

Samsung GALAXY S4 7.9mm

Samsung GALAXY SIII 8.6mm

Samsung p709 9mm

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