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$ 14.09

Healing Stone Home Decor - Large Cat's Eye Apple

1pc blue (sapphire) Cat's Eye apple decorative home accessory, with a silver tone stem and leaf.

  • Cymophane, popularly known as "cat's eye", is a variety of chrysoberyl, exhibiting pleasing opalescence (or chatoyancy) that resembles a cat's eye. The Cat's Eye apple here is immaculate quality with a clearly visible band of light extending across its surface, making it a piece of special home accessory accent on a table, etc.
  • Silver tone leaf and stem that goes perfectly well with the sapphire color of the main stone
  • Nickel and lead free
  • Premium healing crystal and stone accessories at WHOLESALE price


*** We believe in minimalist design where human elements are kept to a minimum.

Size: 33mm * 26mm (25.4mm = 1 inch)

Item code: b/p70854

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