Statement Silver Axe Pendant Vintage Large Charm at Wholesale Price

$ 9.15

(Extra) large statement axe pendant charm made from (30.0% content) silver.

  • Unique battleaxe design inscribed with Chinese character fu ("good fortune" or "good luck") - the Chinese word for "axe" is also pronounced fu, a homophone of 福 (fu) meaning good fortune or good luck
  • Large battleaxe pendant made from 30% silver is very rare and therefore ideal for statement jewelry making
  • Silver is anti-oxidation treated
  • Choose us for quality Chinese silver pendant supplies at unbeatable WHOLESALE prices!

Go "cutting edge" in the Chinese Year of the Horse :)

Size: 55*20mm tall (1 inch = 25.4mm)
Weight: 8.8 gram

Item code: b/p71021