Custom Name Knuckle Duster - Silver / Gold | Personalized Signature Rings

$ 61.00

The Personalized Signature Knuckle Duster for You!

Custom name knuckle duster / signature ring handcrafted from solid .925 sterling silver or 18k gold (plated on sterling). 

This nameplate bar ring is hand carved according exactly to your handwritten signature or any special fonts of your choice. 

Get the UNIQUE two figure signature ring for you and your loved ones!

To make the ring exactly what you want, please make your order instructions as specific as you could:

1. Please let us know your ring size according to the ring size chart in photo #4
2. Send us the image of your handwriting, signature etc.
3. It can be everything from words in special fonts, unique signature to even signs such as "+ $ #", but to optimize both aesthetic aspects and durability, we suggest limiting the number of letters to 8, and where possible AVOID EXTRA long thin strokes

Feel free to email us ( if anything is not clear. We respond within one business day. 

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