Custom Wood Engagement Rings Box - Gift Presentation Ideas

$ 26.99

Custom Pine Box for Special Engagement Ring Presentation

Personalized / custom rustic engagement rings box, handcrafted from pine wood. This rustic, sweet ring box is designed to make your proposal a truly special one! Also ideal for any special gift / keepsake presentation. 

It comes with custom stamping of any letters or symbol of your choice (e.g. name initials, date, phrases) on the rim, cap, etc.


** Note that due to limitations of wood stamping, we only accept stamp requests for letters, numbers and simple symbols, nothing too elaborate.

Item code: b/p169 37


Wood box without stamping is also available at a reduced price.

Size (25.4mm = 1 inch)

Box: 70-90mm (outer diameter) * 80mm (height);
        ~40mm (inner diameter) * 45mm (depth)

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